Welcome to Compass


Sunday Morning

It is always a little intimidating to come into a church building for the first time. We can't prepare you for everything but here are a few questions we can answer that may help.

What is your worship style?

At Compass our worship is:

Relaxed –we encourage everyone to come to worship as they feel most comfortable. Though we encourage modest dress we do not have a dress code or worry about styles and trends. Some who dress down all week like to dress up for worship. Others who are dressed up all week like to get comfortable. We are more interested in what is happening inside than how dressed up you are outside.

Contemporary –our worship music has been chosen for its solid theology and represents the voice of today’s worship composers and musicians.

Bible based –the Compass, the Word, keeps us focused on our North Star- Jesus Christ. Each worship time contains a bible-based study to help us know and follow Christ. Learning how to handle and use the Compass is important to us. 

Long -in a day when we can't sit still for very long you need to know that our services are 90 minutes long. We do this because we only get to meet for worship once a week and don't want to rush through our celebration time. We start at 10 am so that we can hang around and talk for a while after worship before the kids start lobbying for lunch.

Is there something for children during worship?

We have a nursery for the very youngest and Compass Kids for children up to grade 6 using age-graded Bible materials. These ministries run concurrently with the worship service. (see the section for detail)

Also, we serve Compass Blend coffee (created by some of our coffee officianados, thanks Fireroasted!) and tea and juice for the kids, after service is over.

We have a great lending library for all ages. There's more...

Come and see for yourself!

Pastor Mark