Ron Easton

Mini Bio

I was born and grew up in Toronto.  I went to Ontario Bible College, now Tyndale.  I met my wife at OBC as we both did a Bachelor of Religious Education degree.  We spent the first 15 years of married life in Toronto where our two daughters, Beth & Cheryl were born.  I was on staff at Bridletowne Park Church for 7 years after Bible College and then in business.  I felt a call to London, not knowing what God wanted us to do here.  Beginning in 1994 I spent 23 leading the ministry of Key Bible Clubs before retiring in 2018.

We began attending Compass in 1990 so we’ve been here for 28 years.

Favourite Bible Verse

Phillippians 2:1-4.  It speaks of the response to being united with Christ and the resulting relationships we should have with one another.

Fun Fact

When I was younger I played most team sports or at least tried to play them.  Growing up in Toronto I was and still am a Toronto Maple Leaf fan.  I saw the last four Stanley Cups that they won.  That sealed my loyalty.